Waves After Waves

Waves after waves

Waves after waves, the docu feature explores how art forms magically rejuvenates the lives of children, disrupted by the major natural disaster Tsunami 2004. The relief activists in the field narrate their experience and the film slowly evolves.Music, Theatre, Strories, Art Works and Painting workshops, slowly but immensely provides the required psycho social care for the affected children. This fascinating process is truly captured by the film and thus reflecting the various aspects and wonders of art therapy. The kind of space, the art forms spreads before the children to express and outlet is intimately traced. Nagapattinam - the worst affected part of India by the Tsunami disaster is the focus of the film.

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Directed by:
Leena Manimekalai
Cinematography by:
Editing by:
Justin Roy & Thangaraj
Sound by:
Produced by:
J.Christuraj & Leena Manimekalai
60 minutes

Premiered at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, 2006