Is it too much to ask

"Is it too much to ask" follows the journey of two friends Smile and Glady - looking for a rental apartment in Chennai and the obstacles and social stigma they encounter in not just looking for a home but being single and the fact that they are transgender women. In addition to the search for a house we will meet the two women in their everyday dealings with an outmost prejudiced society where there are very few emotionally bright spots with which Smile and Glady can recharge their energy. Their identity render them helpless before the caste ridden, feudal and patriarchal landlords of the city who by denying them their apartments, deny their existence too. But Smile and Glady face every day as it comes with so much grace, humor and undying positivity. They turn their anger and frustrations into songs, dance, plays and their work of art continues to supply them the hope to live.

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Written, Produced and Directed by:

Leena Manimekalai
Edit by:
Thangaraj Palanivel
Cinematography by:
Live Sound by:
Music by:
Sound Design and
Mix by:

Tapas Nayak
30 minutes
Co-Produced by:
NHK, Japan
  • Nominated for Best Asian Film,Seoul International Women Film Festival
  • South American Tour, MIC Genero/Mexico -Argentina - Cuba
  • Official Selection, Tasveer Seattle South Asian Film Festival
  • Opening film, Philadelphia South Asian Film Festival
  • Best Documentary Award, Singapore South Asian Film Festival
  • Official Selection, Jaffna International Film Festival
  • Inaugural film, Reel Desires Chennai International LGBT Film Festival
  • Official Competition, IDSFFK - Kerala
  • Official Selection, Trans Diamond Film Festival, Bangalore
  • Special Jury Mention, FSA -Kathmandu
  • Official Selection, Indie Earth Film Festival, Chennai
  • Special Screening, Berlin Feminist Week, Germany
  • Nominated for Satyajit Ray Golden Award for Documentary - South Asian Short Film Festival, Kolkata
  • Official Selection, Festival Des Cinemas Inidens de Toulose, France
  • Acquisitions, Cinema Politica, Canada Tour

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