Break the Shackles

Break the Shackles

Break the Shackles Is a 50-minute telling documentary on the challenges, the New Economic Policies pose before Dalits in India. Dalits, the victims of the three thousand year old Caste system in India, remain the untouchables, broken, oppressed, economically dependent, politically powerless and culturally backward. The film focuses on how the three-track policy of globalization,privatization and liberalization without the interest of social justice in a highly unequal social structure of country like India becomes more discriminative to the Dalits, the downtrodden.

The selected villages of Tamilnadu are taken as case histories and the due effects of globalization in agriculture; aquaculture, employment, environment, media and women are dealt with the supporting facts and figures. Mechanization, Cut of Subsidies, Marketisation, Land acquisition, Polarization, Pauperization, Gender insensitivity are some of the direct issues treated in the film with the supporting interviews.

The film also strongly confronts the most important exclusions like Reservation in New Economic Policy, which effects suicidal amongst the Dalit Community.

The documentary thus addressing the concern of globalization and the marginalised sections brazens out the alarming denial of right of living and opportunities to the section of masses in a very concise approach.

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Directed by:
Leena Manimekalai
Cinematography by:
Venkat & Chezhian
Editing by:
P.Madhava Reddy
Sound by:
Music by:
Kumar Ambayiram, Balesh & Vizhuthugal
Produced by:
Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation, Dalit Sector Support Team of NESA & Kanavuppattarai
  • Premiere at World Social Forum - Mumbai 2004
  • US Screening Tour - Tamil Sangams across the US, Columbia University, Pitsburg University, Maryland University, Aid India, AIMS India, Apnaagar, Indian Musilm Council Chapters in US
  • Diaspora Screening Tour - Zurich-Switzerland, Paris-France and London-UK organized by MANITHAM, SALANAM and VIMBAM respectively