Ballad of Resistance

Ballad of Resistance

Ballad of Resistance is a video portrait of indigenous tribal journalist and activist Dayamani Barla, her perseverance and tireless fight against corporations and the state machinery.

The film follows how she, from a humble background became one of thepioneering adivasi journalists of India and later a writer-activist.Her current leadership in the Anti Displacement Movement with Nagari villagers against land acquisition of 35 villages by State in the namof "development" is the very impetus of Ballad of Resistance.

Almost ninety percent of the women in colony making a clean breast on the sexual violence against them and their men helplessly acknowledging the oppressions send a shockwave to the constitution, laws, bureaucracy, and hence all the watch guards of the Indian democracy. With the statistical guideline available from the organs of Government Of India up to date on the status of Dalit population in India, the film throws light on the conflict between real and relevance.

From a child of bonded labourer parents to a social activist contributing change by giving voice to the myriad problems facing the Munda people and other tribal communities in the Jharkhand region, the life and work of Dayamani Barla's life inspires the film.

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Directed and
Produced by

Leena Manimekalai
Photography by:
Ratheesh Raveendran, Biju Toppo
Edited by:
Rumjhum Banerjee
Sound by:
Amrith Shankar
Produced with
the help of IAWRT Short Documentary Grant
42 minutes

Five minute carve of the film is available as Still I Rise -

  • Nepal Human Rights Film Festival, 2013, Signs Film Festival, 2013, Vibgyor Film Festival, 2013 and more