"Certain questions start haunting me. And that sets me into a journey. I do find answers sometimes but most of the times end up with more questions. One thing I know for sure is I continue evolving as a better human with each poem I write and every film I make"

Who am I

I consider myself as a Poet and Filmmaker.

I live out of Madras, a big village city, down south of India but devoid of borders as an artist. My birth markers are brown skin, Tamil language, kurunji thinai (wild daughter of western ghats) and rage as red chilly.

My humble start was as an Assistant Director to Mainstream Filmmakers in Tamil Film Industry but I eventually moved into Television and fared well as a Content Producer for a good decade. Produced good hours of software for Sun Network, Star Television, Zee Network, Maa Television, Eenadu, Kalaingar TV, Doordharshan and Deepam Television. I have Line Produced for BBC Network, HallMark Television and AlJazeera Network.

Innately being a documentary junkie, did couple of them independently converting them as a main source of travel and agency for my own voice. I have broadcast documentaries in Channel Four, NHK Japan and NDTV 24/7. I have tried fiction and poem films but keep wondering who decides the genre. I use any tools that come handy to help me tell the story and hence a 'genre no bar' artist. Ousting the complexities, my films have managed to travel around sixty International Film Festivals across the world.

I dint go to Film School. But I went to Film Festivals, as a student and later as a Maker. I evolved with the films I got to experience at the Festivals and the Filmmakers whom I met there with such contagious spirits. I learnt the fact that art is all about evoking humanity and better understanding about the universe.

My Poems in Tamil have been published, translated and awarded. I have started writing short stories and novellas but I enjoy screen-writing.

I teach screen-writing at various film institutions and schools in India and conduct workshops on documentary and short-film making. Though passionate about making art, I do spend substantial time in my life to teach as I feel I unlearn a lot while teaching and stay effortlessly younger.

Personally, I am curious about even mundane things and haven't lost track of wonderments.I am modestly talented and proud of my hard working ability.

I am an amateur cook, dancer and painter. I dream to own an organic mango farm and don't care if it sounds like a crazy idea.

Big fan of trekking, star gazing and bird watching.

I love good coffee and any form of music.

Works in Progress

Selected Filmography

Good Memories

  • Acquisitions, Cinema Politica, Canada Tour, White Van Stories and Is it too much to ask
  • Special Screening, Berlin Feminist Week, Germany, Is It too much to ask
  • Nominated for Satyajit Ray Best Documentary Award, South Asian Film Festival, Kolkata, India, Is It too much to ask
  • Official Selection, Festival Des Cinemas Inidens de Toulose, France, Is It too much to ask
  • Co-Production Pitch, European Film Market, Berlinale, Germany, The Sunshine
  • Co-Production Pitch, Marche Du Film, Cannes, France, The Sunshine
  • Co-Production Pitch, KYIv IFF Molodist, Boat Meeting, Ukraine, The Sunshine
  • Best Documentary - Is it too much to ask, Singapore South Asian Film Festival
  • Jury Mention - Is it too much to ask, FSA, Kathmandu
  • Nominated for Best Asian Film, Seoul International Women Film Festival, South Korea, Is It too much to ask
  • Official Selection, MIC Genero/Mexico -Argentina - Cuba, South American Tour, Is It too much to ask
  • Official Selection, Seattle South Asian Film Festival, United States of America, Is It too much to ask
  • Opening Film, Philadelphia South Asian Film Festival, USA, Is It too much to ask
  • Official Selection, Jaffna International Film Festival,Sri Lanka, Is It too much to ask
  • Official Selection, Trans Diamond Film Festival, Bangalore, India,Is It too much to ask
  • Curtain Raiser, Chennai International LGBT Film Festival, India, Is It too much to ask
  • Official Competition, International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, IDSFFK, India, Is It too much to ask
  • Emmy Award for Best Travel Series - Wonder Women, Line Producer, HallMark TV, USA
  • Artist in Focus - Kerala Literature Festival Literature Festival, Kozhikode
  • Selection Jury - IFFK, Kerala
  • Official Selection, Co-Production Pitch, NFDC Film Bazaar, Goa, India, The Sunshine
  • Writer in Focus - Gateway Literature Festival, Mumbai
  • Filmmaker in Focus, Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, White Van Stories, Qatar
  • Artist in Focus - Singapore Literature Festival Literature Festival, Mumbai
  • National Lambda Award for Poetry by LGBT Non Profit Groups, India
  • Official Selection, Co-Production Pitch, Docedge, Kolkata, India, Rape Nation
  • Writer in Focus - Gateway Literature Festival, Mumbai, 2014,2015
  • Official Selection, Co-Production Pitch, Docedge, Kolkata, Is it too much to ask
  • Official Selection, Nepal Human Rights Film Festival, Nepal, Ballad of Resistance
  • Official Selection, Signs Film Festival, Kochi, Kerala, India, Ballad of Resistance
  • Official Selection, Vibgyor Film Festival,Thrissur, Kerala, India, Ballad of Resistance
  • 5th Edition Du Festival International de Films, "Pecheurs du Monde", France, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Rare Picks at Hundred years of Indian Cinema Package
  • Official Selection, The International Film Festival Puebla (FICPuebla), Guatemala & Mexico
  • Artist in Residence – University of Chicago
  • International Association of Women in Radio & Television(IAWRT) Fellowship, Ballad of Resistance
  • Charles Wallace Artists Fellowship, Visual Ethnography, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
  • Official Korean Premeire, International Women Film Festival, South Korea,Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Official Taiwan Premeire, International Women Film Festival, Taipei,Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • NAWFF Award Premieres at International Women Film Festivals at Israel and Beijing, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • A Panorama of Indian Contemporary Cinema, Auroville, Pondicherry, India, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Melting Point of Indian Cinema, Directorate of Film Festivals, New Delhi, India, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Jury, International Women Film Festival, Seoul
  • Public Sector Broadcasting Trust Film Fellowship, India, Pennaadi, 2011-12
  • Indian Panorama Selections for 2011 – Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • World Premiere, International Competition, 32nd Durban International Film Festival, South Africa, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Official Selection, First Film Competition, 35th World Montreal Film Festival, Canada, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Official Competition, International Competition, Mumbai Film Fest, MAMI, India, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • NAWFF Award for Best Asian Women Cinema - Sengadal/The Deadsea, Tokyo
  • Official Selection, World Cinema, International Film Festival of Kerala IFFK, India, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Chithrabharathi Competition, Bangalore International Film Festival, India, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Unite End Violence International Film Festival. Johannesburg, South Africa, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Opening Film, International Film Festival of Thrissur, India, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Closing Film, Samsung International Women Film Festival, Chennai, India, Sengadal/The Deadsea
  • Sirpi Literary Award, Tamilnadu, India, Parathaiyarul Raani
  • Sengadal/The Deadsea wins the Global Film Initiative Grant(GFI)
  • Iyal Award for Poetry, Toronto, Canada,"Ulagin Azhagiya Muthal Penn"
  • Official Selection, Birds Eye View Film Festival, London, Goddesses
  • Official Selection, Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, Goddesses
  • Commonwealth Fellowship - Women in Cinema - United Kingdom
  • Official Selection, International Competition, Tri Continental Film Festival, South Africa, Goddesses
  • Official Selection, International Factual Competition, Roma Fiction Film Festival, Rome, Goddesses
  • Official Selection, National Competition, International Video Film Festival of Kerala, Goddesses
  • Golden Conch for Best International Documentary in Mumbai International Film Festival, Goddesses
  • Visiting Scholor Fellowship, Berlinale
  • Nomination to Horizon Award, Munich International Film Festival, Goddesses
  • Nomination - Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Brisbane,Goddesses
  • One Billion Eyes National Award - Best Documentary, Goddesses
  • Jury Award for Best Cinema of Resistance - John Abraham National Award, Goddesses,Trivandrum
  • Premiere, Stockholm Water Symposium, Sweden, A Hole in the Bucket
  • Mention, IAWRT International Documentary Film Competition,Women Building Peace, Nairobi, Kenya, Goddesses
  • International Jury in Asian Film Festival, Malaysia
  • Official Selection, Yamagata International Film Festival, Japan, Waves After Waves
  • Spice of Life - EU India Experience - University of Tampere, Finland, Connecting Lines
  • Best Actor and Best Experimental Video in Independent Art Film Festival,Love Lost
  • Best Documentary in Paris and Norway Independent Diaspora Festivals, Mathamma
  • Retrospective, International Democratic Socialist Youth Film Festival, Venezuela
  • Retro - Ethnographic Montages, Chicago Women in Director's Chair International Film Festival, Mathamma-Parai-Break the Shackles
  • Vikalp Films For Freedom, Mumbai, India, Parai
  • Silver Trophy for the Best Documentary in Europe Movies Film Festival, Mathamma
  • European Union Film Fellowship, Media and Conflict Resolution,Thomson Media Foundation University of Cardiff, UK,Connecting Lines
  • Official Selection, CDIT International Documentary Film Festival, Trivandrum, India, Mathamma