Kettle of Fish – a conversation about Sengadal with Nandhini for Time Out Mumbai Hi. The first, rather obvious, question: Why the fictional format? And what did fiction allow you to do with the narrative, locations and characters you were dealing with that may not have been possible on a documentary form?    

‘My protagonists are like shamans’ – TEHELKA Interview

Published Version   PROTEST INC ‘My protagonists are like shamans’ Leena Manimekalai’s latest film, based on the ethnic war in Sri Lanka, has been refused a clearance by the CBFC. The documentary filmmaker tells Aastha Atray Banan why she will

Sengadal Screening / Vikalp@Prithvi / Mumbai / Montages Mumbai Mirror Feature MID DAY Feature Conversation with Karthikeya Ramanathan for Mid Day (Publication Links below) Your film portrays real stories of victims from either side of the Palk Strait. How did you come up with the story?