Leena Manimekalai is a poet and filmmaker committed to social justice. Her narrative documentaries on the dynamics of caste, gender, globalization, art therapy, student politics, eco-feminism, indigenous people's rights and LGBTQ lives have been internationally acclaimed and have won several awards in prestigious international film festivals and civil rights circuits.

Her debutant fiction Sengadal/the Deadsea won her NAWFF Award at Tokyo for the Best Asian Woman Cinema and also was recognized with prestigious Indian Panorama selections after the initial ban by CBFC that got cleared through several months of legal battle. One of her documentary “Goddesses” has won her Golden Conch at Mumbai International Film Festival and Nominations for Horizon Award in Munich and Asia Pacific Screen Award in Melbourne. "White Van Stories" an exclusive docu-feature on enforced disappearances on SriLanka was shot by her and won her accolades in platforms like Channel 4 and Aljazeera. Additionally, Leena has received the Charles Wallace Art Award(2012) in Visual Ethnography, the EU Fellowship(2005) in Media and Conflict Resolution and the Commonwealth Fellowship(2009) for her work in Cinema and Gender.

Her latest short documentary "Is it too much to ask" on the quintessential journey of two trans artists Smiley and Glady, co-produced by NHK, Japan is currently doing a big run in the international film festival circuit winning her the Best Documentary Prize at Singapore South Asian Film Festival and Jury Mention at Film South Asia, Kathmandu.

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Sad. Aung San Suu Kyi defends verdict against Reuters journalists. She was victim of a biased system herself, and should know better. These journalists reported a massacre of Rohingya men by the Myanmar military https://t.co/44le0wC23h

Many have complained that #377 judgment is too verbose, based on non legal thought & reads more like an essay. Read @arundhatikatju's article to understand why the judgment is rightly moored in universal human values & reasoning explained at length https://t.co/pi5ngfIvY3

Opinion: #Section377 verdict is a new dawn not just for #LGBT rights but for individual liberties in India: https://t.co/AkTTkxBGOE | @arundhatikatju

The promises of Ambedkar’s Constitution have been made real for LGBT Indians.

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